BSH - PRO Keratin

The secret of BSH is the exclusive SAM – System of Molecule Adhesion. During the process of realignment of the fiber hair the amino acids in the keratin of the hair its deposited in the cortex, together with the pH acidic promote the natural smooth effect. The SAM technology creates an internal sealing the capillary fiber making the effect smooth on the hair for 2-3 months, as the hair structure and maintenance received*.

The R&D team at Brazilian Secrets Hair developed the exclusive and highly effective KMS (Keratin Molecular System) technology specifically for our Pro Keratin line of products. The technology is made up of keratin molecules, the principal substance which hair is made of, formed by more than 20 types of amino acids naturally produced by the human body. The KMS molecules are responsible for injecting these amino acids into the center of hair strands, mimicking the natural process in healthy, straight hair.




BSH Pro Keratin Home Care keeps your hair straight, shiny and soft

The Extreme Protein is an innovative straightening system! It combines the best of Brazilian protein with crystalized particles to realign the hair’s fibers, besides preventing the hair from getting brittle and dry during the procedure.


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